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PhD Nutritionist/Foodie with a passion for our right to Health, natural Vitality and Energy


Sole purpose of my website is impart valuable knowledge on food, nutrition, relationships, having fun, weight loss and issues of an irritated digestive system, all to help you – give you knowledge that will inspire choices intended to return your sensibilities to intuitive eating and food choices that come naturally, not contrived and forced – that is the goal and IT IS ATTAINABLE.  Most do not understand the absolute reality,  the true goal is return your body to its own control mechanisms.  Follow my direction in food choices, balancing your blood sugar in the a.m.  – you will see the results.  Healthy food choices and eating intuitively becomes natural.  Living healthy, having control, nourishing and flourishing healthy intestinal flora, nourishing and flourishing your body parts … and intuitive eating takes over.  You will begin to notice a natural, very real divergence from craving food sources that deliver immediate energy or immediate fats, to food choices that promote thriving energy and longer lasting satiety.


And who do I think I am to impart such knowledge?  Well, first I care, I care that you are here because you are searching and I genuinely hope I have composed the knowledge and topics in a way that are easily searched and more important, easily understood.  I care that you are seeking health and contentment and I want to be a part of a very positive path with you.  I really hope for your success.  I want you to be happy and healthy and energized.  And because I have studied, researched, worked with some of the finest and most dedicated Professionals, including Doctors I have admired and respect and believe me that is not all, by a long shot.  And because I have studied at over 4 Universities, multiple Academies, earned a number of Degrees and Specialized studies, coupled with the sincere motivation to make a difference, I think that is enough and …


Here is what I’ve done and where I studied – Send me any questions, comments or info you so desire – all welcome



Honours Bachelor of Social Work – Laurentian University

Bachelor of Science – Athabasca U – Academy of Nutrition and Natural Therapies

Doctorate of Science – Academy of Nutrition and Natural Therapies

Dietetics – Eastern Michigan U

Nutritional Consultant – Packard School of Nutrition

Herbalist – Packard School of Nutrition

Studies in Vegetarianism – Alive Academy of Nutrition




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