Relationships: Communication with a Cause eBook

Healthy Relationships:  Communication with a Cause


Insightful, filled with knowledge to open your world to Wisdom and Understanding





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Recognize what  Understanding and Patience really is – Building Safety and Trust


What brings us together and creates the treasure of a loving relationship has not changed through the millennium.


Similar to nourishing your body with the necessary attention to healthy nutrition it goes the same for your heart and your partner’s heart
Have Fun


Learn healthy effective ways to quickly identify conflict


Appreciation for the efforts of the people who love you is your responsibility, not your option


Being tolerant, kind and positive is your responsibility, not your option


Give up petty complaining; it is a privilege to share your life with someone who loves you


Stop taking the people who love you for granted is your responsibility, not your option
“My success and your success in this life are making our first priority cherishing each other, playing and having fun together and finding the courage to choose healthy, effective ways to resolve our differences.”




Corrections NOT Judgements



Extended Needs


Ebb and Flow of Needs

Pitfalls to Avoid

Easy Way or the Hard Way

Steps to Active Listening

Step 1: Expression Phase

Step 2: Response Phase


What an Apology is Not

Step 3: Correction Phase

Communication with Knowledge

More Pitfalls to Watch For

Step 4: Guess Work or Not

Step 5: Timing

Reroute Stumbles

Important Keys to Success

Active Listening Exercises

Priorities in Relationships

Common Errors and Corrections

Comprehensive List of Possible Emotions felt by all

Taking away guess – Replacing with accuracy


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