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Fibromyalgia is probably one of the most talked about and illusive of the diagnosed syndromes. There are an abundance of Protocols. Starting with a healthy thyroid and endocrine system is the corner stone to finding your way back to health.


The expressions of Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia has as many expressions as it is complex. Some of the commonly accepted symptoms that define this syndrome are:
• myofascial trigger points of pain
• irritable bowel
• generally poor concentration
• often fatigue
• joint pain
• sleep disorders
• weight gain
• low hydrochloric acid


The emphasis on the myofascial pain has diverted our attention, as Professionals, away from the underlying cause of Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue in my opinion. Symptom control alone will not necessarily bring relief on a long term basis. Rheumatologists use the 11 trigger points of pain to make a diagnosis, but there is a need to discuss more systemic ways to correct the underlying problems that exist for people who suffer this Syndrome.


The overwhelming number of people who have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia feel the allopathic community of physicians generally dismiss their symptoms. From a therapeutic stand point and from the lack of relief most clients have experienced while going to their allopathic physician, is possible the problem is not so much a lack of compassion as a lack of understanding and an inability to offer a genuine response or relief to their patients?


Oddly enough, it was the allopathic community who was the first to come up with the diagnosis but is also the first to dismiss the reality of this condition. That sounds frustrating from anyone’s point of view. The pain does exist.


While fibromyalgia seems complex, it parallels its expression along the same lines as hypo metabolism or hypothyroidism. The similarities are endless. Sleep disorders, weight problems, brain fog, poor concentration, anemia, elevated cholesterol, keep going…? Both conditions, eerily, are mirror images of each other.


On the other hand, while there are certain common threads that individuals with hypothyroidism experience, other symptoms are not shared. That is the very same with fibromyalgia.


Fibromyalgia – A Historical perspective
Let look at a brief history of fibromyalgia, research, and some esteemed Professions who found the path to helping individuals with this problem.
While the condition is not all together new, Fibromyalgia as a diagnosis is relatively new, as syndromes go. The increase can be traced back to the early 70’s.


By the accounts of some Professionals, namely Dr. Barry Durrant Peatfield MD, Dr. Broda Barnes MD, Dr. Shames MD, to name a few, individuals with hypothyroidism or Fibromyalgia started falling through the diagnostic cracks with the advent of the sTSH test and the concurrent prescribing of synthetic T4 hormones replacement. Before synthetic T4 hormone replacement became popular, natural desiccated thyroid, with T3, T4 and the T1, T2 hormones, was widely accepted as the treatment of choice for thyroid deficiency. Diagnosis for thyroid deficiency correlated with patient symptomology not the singular reading of a sTSH test.


Hypo-Metabolism Understood
To understand how the change in prescription treatment negatively impacted individuals with thyroid deficiency is fairly simple. T3 hormone is the most metabolically active of the two main hormones which are scientifically understood. Thyroid hormone T4 is converted to thyroid hormone T3. That makes T4 a precursor to T3. T4 is four molecules of iodine and T3 is, as you suspected, 3 molecules of iodine. One molecule is split off through enzymatic action and you now have T3. The conversion of T4 to T3 occurs largely in the liver, but not exclusively.
The liver is the most metabolically active organ in your body. So if you have thyroid deficiency doesn’t it make sense that your liver function will be diminished as well?


Is it possible as a result of a sluggish liver, there will be an inclination for poor conversion of T4 to T3…? After all, why would your liver be operating at an efficient enough level to make the conversion?
• Doesn’t it make much more sense to offer T3 hormone with the thought of stimulating the body as a whole, rather than relying on an already sluggish liver to do the work?


• Does it not also make sense to put T3 hormone in the body to take the pressure of the liver to preform the conversion function….? After all, when a patient goes to the doctor with ‘high cholesterol’, the doctor will gladly write a prescription for statin drugs because the liver is not breaking down and excreting excess cholesterol from the body. If we follow that logic then why is an already burdened and sluggish liver expected to preform normal conversions of the T4 thyroid hormone to the metabolically active T3….? It can not effective do this conversion.


If a physician is only prescribing synthetic T4 hormone, the T4 levels in the blood will likely go up, but have you really increased the likelihood of your thyroid deficient patient’s chances of returning to good health…?


Also consider this –


• Evidence of synthetic T4 hormone meds being recalled because of inconsistent concentration is a documented and in fact a much documented problem. Pharmaceutical companies would rather you did not know that. In fact it was natural desiccated thyroid that ‘somehow’ started to get a bad reputation for potency problems. Further research has shown there has never once been a recall of pharmaceuticals like Armour or any compound containing whole desiccated thyroid.


• Here is yet another very important factor to consider in your quest for proper thyroid function. Your brain requires T3 hormone for good cognitive function. You can see where I am going with this. If it is not supplemented through treatment, how will you get adequate amounts if you suffer thyroid deficiency and are only receiving a simple T4 replacement?
• Your thyroid has a diuretic component to it. It keeps water levels in balance in your body. In fact, one of the first signs of improved thyroid funciton is leaner more defined facial features. Vanity is not just for the vane of heart. Total thyroid replacement, including T4 and T3 work to correct and support the whole body.


Each organ in your body requires different levels of thyroid hormone. Never mistake the fact that every one of your several trillions cells does require thyroid hormones. Your thyroid is the engine of your body. Through history, the pharmaceutical industry and allopathic community has tried a myriad of tests to accurately thyroid function. While their efforts are admirable how can a simple sTSH test possibly map the healthy of the thyroid…?


On the Hunt


Here is a great story: As I researched the complexities of fibromyalgia and started to recognize the correlations to hypothyroidism, I contacted a most wonderful allopathic physician. He had three decades of work with natural desiccated thyroid. He understood the historical perspective of how the problem started and how it evolved. He lived it. At the time, he suggested a number of products that might be used as alternatives because of the unavailability of prescription natural desiccated thyroid meds. That was the most promising lead I had so far. I understood the role and need for vitamin/mineral/ enzyme therapy but what eluded me all along was keeping my clients on a path of improvement. Most would experience improvement which led to plateau. It was frustrating and painful for both me and my clients. I was determined. It made no sense to me that this syndrome was virtually non-existent in all its forms before or pre-1970. It now takes the form of Epstein-Barr, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia….


It was also clear that most, if not all clients who suffered fibromyalgia also suffered irritable bowel, low hydrochloric acid etc. Digestive disorders and malabsorption were constant companions. Correcting dietary protocol to include more nurishing food adding digestive enzymes would promote relief, but it was not the whole answer. Good thyroid function was the answer. Healthy Thyroid function improves hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach. Good thyroid function improves peristaltic action in the intestinal tract which in turn improves the rate that food transits and by products eliminated. It improves the pancreas and the liver, two major organs which contribute to good digestion.


It became very clear that the cornerstone and pivotal point of improving the lives of individuals diagnosed with fibromyalgia was to first return them to good thyroid function. That was the foundation upon which all other interventions could be used. Good Thyroid function optimized all other interventions and their role in the body.


Esteemed Professionals abound –


Dr. Broda Barnes MD and BioChemist – Hypothyroidism; The Unsuspected Illness

Dr. John Lowe DC – Fibromyalgia and hypo-metabolic rate @

Dr. Barry Durrant-Peatfield MD – The Great Thyroid Scandal. Mary Shomon’s well visited thyroid site.


Please follow this link to one of Dr. John Lowe’s wonderful illuminations of the truth about hypothyroidism and T4 hormone replacement:

If this is what you have been prescribed by your allopathic physician, you have landed on this page for a very good reason… You are most likely looking for treatment that is actually going to give you the best chance at recovering from the many ways hypothyroidism can impact your life:


These esteemed Professionals confirmed my suspicions. Whole Thyroid nutraceuticals, coupled with your bio-individual needs makes an incredible difference in the quality of life and potentiates your right to health and vitality.


Fibromyalgia is a paradox in both its complexities and the simplicity of the thread that runs through it.

Read the works of Dr. Barry Durrant Peatfield:  The Great Thyroid Scandal: How to Survive It


Remember a couple of things “Hope springs eternal and Hope there is”

Be prudent in your Fibromyalgia website choices.  Pick those that offer well researched, well documented approaches, factual and science based.  Information that gives you knowledge to move forward.

Many dedicated Professions have seen the results of our efforts coupled with our clients’ efforts.


Walk a couple of feet in the shoes of those who suffer and are not listened to by their allopathic physician. If you are one, shame on you. Listen Up! If you are not able to help by your knowledge or the restrictions placed upon you, then refer out but don’t choose the most insulting path by dismissing the individual in front of you who deserve their good health.


For ongoing success in healing from this condition, consider a thorough initial assessment, a bio-individual protocol with a Healthcare Professional

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