Prostate Health

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Prostate Health


What’s in this Article?


• What you need to know
• Research study on new testing for prostate screening
• A good Nutraceutical profile for prostate health
• The role of omega 3 fatty acids in prostate health
• Minerals to promote prostate health


What you need to know:

The area of interest in cancer research, especially prostate cancer has made positive improvements. A brief look at research reports there are two types of prostate cancer, aggressive and non-aggressive. Regardless of how you decide to proceed with your own health, please pay close attention to this: In the event that you are diagnosed with a prostate issue and you decide to accept Radiation Treatment, you make sure you follow a diligent colonoscopy schedule. Do not miss. It is no big deal to go through the procedure; it is a big deal if you miss. According to Rueters Health, 2005, radiation therapy increases your chances of colon cancer by 70%. There is always a risk of injury to your colon because of the proximity of your prostate to the colon and the precision of the radiation rays. Make sure the colonoscopy appointment is booked upon completion of the treatments.


Speaking of Prostate health and the PS test, let’s talk about alternatives to that test and what you might want to think about in protecting your own healthy prostate.


New Testing for Screening:

A study conducted by Veterans Affairs and Yale University uncovered some interesting information on the both the reliability of the PSA test, early detection and positive outcomes of survival. The results of the study diminish both the reliability of the test regarding false positives readings along with some unhappy results of aggressive treatment, unhappy because surgery can result in incontinence and loss of libido and sexual fulfillment. According to one of the Physicians I love and admire, Dr. J. Wright MD, there are other tests that can be early predictors and when you read about management and protocols, you will see there are ways to protect your prostate health.


Testing: Two different tests should be incorporated into prostate screening


• One is the estrogen Quotient (EQ) test. This test is used to measure the amount of estrogen in the male body. It is no surprise or it should not be a surprise that the female body produces testosterone clearly in much smaller amounts than the male body and the male body produces estrogen in smaller amounts. The male body converts testosterone into estrogen by a process called aromatization. Unfortunately, as the men get older and probably no surprise, the process can speed up. The end result is an enlarged prostate and possible prostate cancer.


• The second one is called the 2/16 ratio test. This test can determine if there is too much circulating estrogen.


Both these test are non-invasive. They involve collecting a 24 hour urine sample. Please do yourself the honour of learning about these tests. Success follows knowledge. When you go to your Physician to request these tests, bring with the information she/he can read, just in case he/she is not familiar. Our only concern is your good prostate health, not whether your Physician is up to snuff on alternative ways of testing and treatment. So, start early. If you are concerned about bypassing the PSA test, then don’t. Sometimes there is comfort in covering all the basis. But while you are doing the PSA, request these tests as well. If you are in the USA, you are in a wonderful position because you can involve the services of such esteemed labs like Great Smokies.


If you live in Canada, and your Physician is less than stellar about the possibility of ordering these tests, you have the option of:

1. Make the call to Great Smokies Lab. Talk to the resident Physician and arrange for the tests. It is simple.

Also go to Menopausal Transition to read how these same tests will help those beloved woman in your life. Dr. J – Posted March 23, 2006


There are excellent herbal formulations and dietary approaches for men who are interested in prostate health. A prostate support is important to all men over the age of 40.


Well rounded profile looks like this:
• Silymarin
• Saw Palmetto – standardized to a minimum 85% Fatty Acids
• Dandelion Extract
• Pygeum Africanum Extract
• Cranberry Extract
• Grapeseed Extract or Alpha Lipoic Acid
• Zinc
• Lycopene


Other essential nutrients:

Selenium – 200mcg. Daily


EPA/DHA fatty acids – DHA/EPA are derivatives of the omega 3 fatty acid family. EPA and is most useful against inflammation, especially series 3 prostaglandins, with their highly anti inflammatory properties. Fish oils and deep sea fish are good dietary sources of DHA/EPA. Additional supplementation is also recommended. Fatty acids from this DHA/EPA are also especially helpful for the membrane of the eyes and brain.
Salmon is another excellent source of DHA/EPA fatty acids. DHA/EPA is found in Hemp Hearts and deep sea fish as well.



Omega 3 fatty acids also take the form of Chia Seeds, Hemp Hearts and Flax Seed. Or go to my page on EFA: Do you need an Oil Change
EFA are better served in their natural form as opposed to Capsules. For a plethora of reasons, including processing, storage conditions, whole food derivatives, capsules are a pale comparison.


Remember, prostate health is no different from any health concern. Prevention is better than reaction. Maintain the health of your prostate by taking steps in your 20’s and 30’s. The next best time is Right Now.


Recent research information from Dr. Charles Myers MD also shows compelling reasons to discontinue Chondroitin Sulphate supplements if you are at risk or have been diagnosed with PC. Because of the high levels of chondroitin sulphate in the prostate cancer cell, the addition of the supplement seems to encourage cell proliferation.


Brazil nuts (in the shell) offer the richest food source of selenium. Selenium is very protective against cancer. Individuals, men and women, should eat 4-6 brazil nuts daily to derive 200 – 300 mcg. of selenium. Remember to keep all your precious oils and food with precious oils in them, in the freezer or at least the fridge.


Tuna is also an excellent source of selenium as well as healthy marine fats. Choose albacore tuna.


Saw Palmetto is probably one of the most well researched herbs specific to BPH and PC. The generally understood and accepted theory on benign prostate hyperplasia and prostate cancer is linked to testosterone. The conversion of testosterone to DHT or dihydrotestosterone is believed to cause an overproduction of cells, thereby causing prostate enlargement or cellular change. The metabolism is initiated by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. Research indicates the fatty acids in saw palmetto can dramatically inhibit the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, minimizing the conversion and prevent or control cell proliferation and prostate enlargement. Not all Nutraceutical companies are the same. I recommend Source Naturals and/or Life Extension Foundation. Both manufacture their own product. Both are Leaders in the field and in the fight for research and availability for high quality Nutraceuticals.


Good digestion is pivotal for absorption. Seems like a piece of common sense that may not even need reporting but no, it duly needs to be discussed. Men are notorious for the fast track eating leading to a squadron of symptoms including to leaky gut syndrome, GERD and general mal absorption. Slow down! Go to Nutrition 101 – Read and Pay Attention to this: Chew Chew Chew – Chew your food to release the vital nutrients found within cell walls, Chew to start the digestion process which by the way, starts with chewing. Chew because your teeth are in your mouth, not in your stomache. If you find you are suffering discomfort after 3 chews and a swallow, first – start to slow down, next try Supplemental digestive enzymes. They are very effective and can help while your digestive system is healing. Generally HCI or hydrochloric acid in both men and women starts to slow down. Women over age 40 typically and for Men typically over 60 years of age start to experience a slow down.


Here’s a little HCI physiology: HCI activates and converts the enzyme pepsinogen to pepsin to start the digestion of protein. Good gastric acid levels are imperative to the absorption of calcium and B12. This may help explain why some elderly individuals require ongoing B12 shots to combat the various symptoms of low B12 levels. Improving hydrochloric acid levels may provide better absorption. HCI is also a first line of defense against unwelcome viruses or bacteria entering the digestive tract via food eaten. Here’s the thing, Low hydrochloric acid often mimics and is mistaken for hyperacidity. Common signs of low HCI are a burning sensation after meals, fatigue after eating, a sensation that food is not being digested or sitting in the stomach. Enzymes that include pepsin and protease are excellent choices. This formulation also works best with patients who suffer gastric ulcers or hiatus hernias. Those individuals need to be advised against supplementing with betaine hydrochloride. The herb gentian also stimulates the parietal cells to produce more HCI or just take the Supplemental digestive enzymes.


Food Source Antioxidants: Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts, the crucifous family of vegetables are known as super foods. They contain indole 3 carbinols, protective against hormone related cancer, like prostate, breast cancer and other cancers. They also contain sulforaphane which activates Phase ll enzymes which are potent free radical neutralizers and protective against DNA damage. This family of vegetables also contains goitetrons which is believed to be a thyroid inhibitor. Simple steaming of the vegetable will neutralize this compound rendering it harmless.

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