MRSA – Renee’s Story

Good day Dr. Vaughan, I really like your web site . There is much information in
I have personal experience with Antibiotic Over Use as my daughter has MRSA
I would be happy to post a personal experience for you on your web site and
how valuable your information is and how much the public needs to know about
it – I post information on MRSA on many boards – the truth about it is being
covered up and it is epidemic in many places thru the world
I have a web site myself for Image/ Modeling Consulting and health
renee’  Read her Story


In Renee’s own words:
My daughter has had MRSA over a year now, when she first contracted MRSA. The term MRSA or methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus is used to describe those examples of this organism that are resistant to commonly used antibiotics. Methicillin was an antibiotic used many years ago to treat patients with Staphylococcus aureus infections

We were so confused, scared not knowing what to do – having been into alternative health since a very young age – having hospitals tell me my daughter needed to have iv drips of antibiotics to stay alive or the bacteria would invade other parts of her body internally

When she was rushed to the emergency room – they did tests and cultured it as MRSA which at that time – I had never heard of – there is no information of this
deadly infection out there in the public for awareness and if you do find fact sheets from the CDC there is no mention as to how this can destroy your life
or what protections and precautions are necessary

I had to research it on the Internet to get any information – not even the infectious disease doctors would give me any real information as too how it
is contracted, how long it would last, will it come back – ( when she was in the hospital – she was in a infectious disease ward and notes on the door read
can be airborne, droplets , contact – nothing conclusive )

The handling of it was also very confusing – we had to wear protective gowns – yet the nurses would walk out of her room with the same uniform, sometimes
not even wearing gloves to examine her , shoes tracking it out of the rooms and into elevators.

My research took me to pages in London, England where the only information at the time was to be found and to the a recovery and support group there The UK and other parts of Europe have been fighting this bacteria for years now – also with a lot of cover- ups in the hospitals .

When MRSA is the suspected pathogen, vancomycin (IV) is usually added into an IV – she was hospitalized for over a week and because it spreads so rapidly through your body once the bacteria start to mutate she had to have two emergency surgeries to actually cut away the infection

The second outbreak we started to try some alternative therapy’s while still taking the antibiotics.. this time they gave her Zyvox after we had to fight for it – it is under lock and key and costs about $2000 dollars for a 10 day dose

We started with basics; stripping her entire room , house etc bleach everything sheets, bedding, all clothes ( we now keep clothes down to one small basket and then it must be washed , clothing, bedding twice a week )sun filled rooms also kills off bacteria keep room at a cool temperature .. bacteria thrive in heat and moist places. We purchased a UV hand held light and run it over small spaces, keyboards,etc. Diet and vitamins are very important to keep the immune system up along with therapeutic probiotics.

This was our routine:
• ph balance the body
• probiotics
• high dose Vit C
• flax seed oil
• fresh organic fruits and veggies
• no foods with antibiotics – milk is loaded with antibiotics
• also no cleaning products with antibiotics
• we just started Life Essence vitamins – they have many herbs and minerals in them
• Colloidal Silver – I keep it in a spray bottle, and also take internal – the one I use is silver biotic’s ( life silver )

I pretty much shop at Trader Joe’s ( organic )
As soon as she gets a cut, we spray Colloidal Silver, wait a minute or two and clean with peroxide then spray again with Colloidal Silver and band aid… all cuts must be covered immediately – especially if there are other children in the home

No sharing of towels, razors, pretty much don’t share anything. We spray everything with either Colloidal Silver or alcohol – cell phones;
light switches etc, especially when she has an outbreak as that is when it is contagious.

No sugar as it feeds bacteria
No processed foods
We stay away from any products with Aspartame – very hard to do as it is found in over six hundred products – some without even being labeled

She just had an out break last week – but it was not out of control – hoping that something we are doing is either building her immune system or it is fighting it off

Doctors completely give you the run around – or tell you it is no big deal – it is a big deal and spreading fast – here and Europe , after years of Doctors handing out antibiotics for every sneeze when antibiotics are ineffective against virus’, has caused germs mutations and soon we will have to find a new line of defense .

• schools need to make students aware
• athletic coaches
• salons
• tattoo parlors
• day care centers

These are all places with recent breakouts –

Since MRSA can live up to 8 weeks on a keyboard who knows how many people are walking around with this

MRSA and other staph infections use to be only found in hospitals, nursing homes but now is growing epidemic in the community known as CA MRSA – with new deadly strains right behind it .

This is the support group that gave me so much help and information when
none was to be found: (

This is another support group and information of a young football player Ricky who died here in Philadelphia from MRSA


We hope that there will be more awareness for our children as they are the fastest growing group to be infected with this deadly disease .


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