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On a Mission to Find your Natural Weight – Read Contents below!


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Take it OFF
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On a Mission to find your Natural Weight


How difficult do you believe it is to lose unwanted pounds?
On a scale of 1 – 10, 1 being the simplest and 10 being the most difficult ?


Most anticipate the journey of taking off unnecessary weight is extensive and difficult and expensive


Ask yourself why ?


Who said you should pay per pound to lose pounds… !?


Why do you think you have the ultimate say in cravings and food choices? Why do you believe Will Power is the impetus?  Just how much power do you actually think you have over thousands of millennium of  human evolution and physiology?  Certainly makes me curious of why you think you are the one in control.

Commercials ?
Books ?
Clubs ?
Other people ?


Start now to learn the truth !


Learn how to balance your blood sugar in the a.m. This simple step improves your chances of weight loss by 80%


Stop cravings


Eat within the natural rhythms of your digestive system. This second simple step allows you to consume normal and healthy amount of food. Nourish your body to loose weight
Prepare nutrient dense, simple meals. No longer complain about the complications of food preparation, diets and certain meal planning to rid yourself of excess weight. You need to be able to start now incorporating healthy family meal plans that everyone enjoys and allows for you or other members of the family to loose unhealthy weight.

Common Sense to losing weight, finding your way back when you slip and most important KEEPING IT OFF


The truth is your body has a natural inclination to its own healthy natural weight. The Laws of Nature are in control, not the ‘laws of purchase this or that company’s food or philosophy and lose weight’


Weight loss is learning the laws of your own digestive system and working within them.


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Gaining Control

Simple Rules of the Road to Success

Food Quiz

Frame of Reference

Let’s Begin

Goals to Begin with

World Class Salad

Choose your Colour

Choose your Protein

Après Meal

Almond Exceptional

Macaroons Extraordinaire

Macaroons Worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize


Secret to Weight Loss and Control



Let’s Continue


One More Gem of Wisdom

Pattern Quiz

Does this scenario sound similar?

Morning and Evening Routines

Breakfast Choices

Continuing with Pivotal Points

Raw vs. Cooked

Fresh Juicing


Breads to Choose from

Eating Intuitively

Gluten intolerances and Food Sensitivities

Phytic Acid: Public Enemy #2

Dairy: Other than Fermented

Mid Morning snacks


Soup Broth Recipe

Organic vs. Commercial Produce

Keys to Success

Chew! Chew! Chew!

Food Sensitivities

Recognizing the Histamine Reaction

Refreshing to finally get control of your cravings… The #1 REASON determined individuals dedicated to their own health and well being, just like yourself, face disappointment after disappointment trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Finally getting control of your cravings… The #1 REASON determined individuals like yourself, successfully lose weight and KEEP IT OFF


Acid Reflux

Continuing with Keys to Success

Why Calorie Counting Does Not Work

Benefits of Exercise

Other Factors affecting Weight Loss


Low Hydrochloric Acid

Thyroid Deficiency

Signs of Thyroid Deficiency

Brush Yourself Off

Supplements and Nutraceuticals



[wpepdd name=”Iritable Bowel Syndrome” price=”17.99″ url=”/downloads/gaining control 11.pdf”]

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