Finding your Natural Weight

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• Is will power really a factor in weight reduction?
• A clear understanding of weight reduction factors
• Pivotal weight reduction issues
• Other factors affecting efficient weight reduction
• On a Mission to Find your Natural weight!


Weight control is not necessarily just a personal issue; it can also be a family issue
• It is an issue that involves the need for knowledge, education and an understanding of the biological mechanics of weight gain, weight loss and weight control.


Lack of will power and lack of determination are not factors preventing personal weight reduction

If it was as easy as willpower, weight reduction and control would be reflected in the remarkable efforts that people, like you, put forward. People put out enormous amounts of determination in the face of frustration in order to try and shed a few unwanted pounds.


Weight is an issue of well being and health and that is where a Professional needs to come in.

Most individuals I have counseled have tried and tried and keep on trying; that takes will power. When one way does not work, another way is attempted; that takes commitment and will power.

So where in that equation is there any correlation between weight control and a lack of will power. What I have observed rather is a lack of knowledge.

A common mistake can be working with a one size fits all formula of food and nutrition or working in an environment where there is not enough understanding of the uniqueness and special needs of the biological differences that make weight issues seem complicated.

Hundreds and thousands of dollars can be invested in weight loss program with little return. Why, because the plan is short term weight loss that does not work within the laws of nature.

Finding your natural weight is far easier than you can imagine when you work with the natural rythmns of your body and your digestive system


What if you came to the clear understanding that it is not all about will power? What a relieved that would be.


In your moments of weakness, as every person has, you need a Frame of Reference that will help you back to weight reduction when you slip. Slips happen. They are not the problem. The problem is finding the easy way back.



• You need to know the way back and regain control. It is important not to fear the onslaught of gaining every pound you lost and the predictable extra that the body stores for insurance. You read that last statement correctly. Typically people put on more weight and weight heavier than their pre-diet weight.


It is a physiological fact, not issue of will power

• Learn the simple combination of foods and timing that positively affected your basal metabolic rate.

• Learn about sugar alternatives that repel yeast growth, are excellent for diabetic use, are an alkaline ph which can retard bacteria growth; is low calorie and low on the glycemic index and is not the neuro-toxic artificial sweeteners.

• Learn how to achieve craving control, the biggest block to successful weight loss, within days, not weeks. Understand the fundamentals of the digestive process and the importance of healthy intestinal flora.

• Understand and manage the signs and symptoms of healthy vs. unhealthy digestion.

• Success lies in the confidence held by important knowledge. Knowledge is what helps and guides you in your efforts

• Unhealthy, in efficient digestion will cause impaired nutrient absorption and edema (water retention).

• Understand the circadian rhythms of the body that dominate the stages of cleansing; digestion and absorption; repair and maintenance. Know how to work with your body to achieving success.



The role of healthy intestinal flora plays a PIVOTAL ROLE in gaining CONTROL OF CRAVINGS, one of the biggest stumbles to building success.


Pivotal Weight Reduction Issues


• Know what time of the day is optimal to exercise and raise you basal metabolic rate

• Stimulate the liver to releasing fatty acids and maximize fat burning potential

• Control the internal fat enzyme which can be a formidable foe when you are trying to reduce your weight

Have confidence going forward!

• That is real knowledge.

• Issues of weight reduction are personal.


If you are one of so many who try and try, then looking to a Professional for the education and knowledge will give you the assurance of confidence in your quest.



Other Factors affecting efficient weight reduction:


Weight issues so often have health implications. Is your weight issue associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Menopause or peri-menopause, fatigue, fibromyalgia, attention deficit disorder, thyroid deficiency or cardiovascular concerns?


• Knowledge will avail you of what you need to deal with these issues effectively.



• Do you understand how certain fats can actually raise you basal metabolic rate; help rid the body of water retention or edema; enhance skin silkiness and erase dry, cracked skin?



• Do you know the optimum foods for cardiovascular health so you can naturally improve your stamina and energy?



• Did you know that low fat or fat free also means calcium free? Translated that means you are not absorbing one of the most important minerals to the body. The important issue is how to maximize calcium absorption, especially in our northern climate.



Low fat means high carbohydrate and cravings

When you seek the knowledge and education that a Professional will impart to you, it will give you confidence and a Frame of Reference to build success.

We spend years being educated to our chosen career choices but we use the “hit and miss” approach to one of the most important successes we aspire to:



Look and feel your best

Prepare simple, nutrient dense, meals. No longer complain about the complications of food preparation, diets and certain meal planning to rid you of excess weight. You need to be able to start now incorporating healthy family meal plans that everyone enjoys and allows for you or other members of the family to lose unhealthy weight.

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