Thyroid Underwhelming? – What to do now

What do you do now?


Does this scenario sound familiar:


You have been to your Doctor’s office countless times. You have reported enough symptoms to make yourself wonder about your own situation. Your doctor tells you he/she will only listen to one symptom per visit. Lucky you, it should now only take you between five to fifteen visits to draw the picture of how you feel. Something to look forward to. You start the unpleasant task of trying to convince your doctor that you feel awful. You feel tired, lethargic, gaining weight, cold extremities, water retention or edema, brain fog, uninspired, gas, bloating, etc. You are now up to five visits and your doctor is asking you about your marriage, your interests, telling you to go to the gym,  get out more…. all exciting and novel approaches if only you could get up the energy to do any of them not to mention you have already thought of them a million times. However, you are not in a position of power to either access the possible pharmaceuticals that could help or knowledge necessary to do the proper diagnosis. When your doctor has had enough of your challenging health condition, is baffled and/or unable and unwilling to admit it, what may or may not follow is the invariable – it is all in your head.  Under no circumstances take the defensive/offensive comments personally. In fact, the opposite.  You need your Doctor to do at least a Thyroid panel looking closely at where your sTsh falls.  If it falls anywhere near or above 2.0 with supporting symptoms,  start thinking thyroid function.  Next step, start your own path of knowledge. To follow is enough information, logically laid out to get you down the correct path.

Thyroid glandulars – @

The supplemental reading below by Mary Shomon – brilliant pioneer and advocate for proper diagnosis and treatment

Stay on course with websites who can guide direct and provide succinct knowledge so you can move forward.  Start from diet up,  chose proper Nutraceuticals and Nutraceutical companies.  Just put the right things in and let your body do the work of healing.  Keep focused on moving forward.  Resist the temptation of blogging or chatting about past challenging and put those challenges into steps designed to move you to greater health.  Each day is a move to growing stronger and gaining knowledge.  It is a far easier path than where you have been.


We live in a world of epidemic thyroid problems. When your thyroid is under active a myriad of symptoms will surface. Your thyroid, as I have said over and over again is the engine of your body. Just look where it is anatomically located- Front and Center.  A lot of other systems in your body depend on enough fuel from your thyroid in order to properly function. Your vehicle starts running out of gas it spudders and starts to stall, so do you when your thyroid is not providing enough T3 fuel to your cells. Unlike your vehicle, you will start to spudder on many more levels.


Here are your best options to help yourself:


Your body will start to respond when you start to use Natural Desiccated Thyroid nutraceuticals or pharmaceuticals. Desiccated thyroid glandulars are a T4/T3 combination. First ask your doctor to change your prescription from synthetic T4 hormone replacement to Natural Desiccated Thyroid replacement. Armour, Thyrolar or Parke Davis are some of the brands available. Your doctor should know, if he does not, call a local Pharmacist and ask what is available. Take that information to your doctor along with the pharmacy you can access it and get the change in prescription. Alternatively, if you live in the USA or in Mexico or any other country where you have access to trusted pharmaceuticals that you can purchase from a reliable source, order or access Natural Desiccated Thyroid and start to use them. Start with four capsules or grains a day.  Some do well on 4 in the a.m., others on divided doses.  Find your own best approach.  That would be 60 mg X 4. One pharmaceutical thyroid capsule is 60 mg.  Natural Desiccated Thyroid replacement has a very clear feed back system. When you take enough you will enjoy enough energy to enjoy the day or if you take too much you will over stimulate your body and you cut back by one capsule.  It is a process of course but the point here is over stimulation over a period of time has obvious signs.

If you not under a Physician’s care and believe you are trying to cope with the symptoms of hypo-thyroid go to – do your research, speak to a Consultant and make an informed decision.    Their products are premium, worthy of your trust, the Consultants are experts in this field.  Nutri-meds is the Thyroid glandular source.


Remember everything starts from Diet Up.  Gain the knowledge you need.


If you have questions feel free to email me with any queries. You can contact me

Do your research and trust the knowledge of our caring Professionals who support your right to good health
Buy Dr. Broda Barnes book: ‘Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness’

along with

Dr. Barry Durrant Peatfield’s ‘The Great Thyroid Scandal and How to Survive it’



You will see Dr. Broda Barnes says very clearly that at four grains a day or 4 X 60mgs. your cholesterol will start to come down to healthy values. That is because high cholesterol is a condition of a compromised liver function one result of a low functioning thyroid gland. I have seen this process happen over and over again. If you take synthetic T4 high cholesterol generally continues to be an issue.  Subsequent Doctor’s generally result in a prescription for statin drugs.  Generally Your doctor ongoing complaints associated with hypothyroidism persist.  Because in his/her mind they have already treated you for hypo-thyroid ism with the synthetic T4 replacement, your thyroid falls off the diagnostic radar.  If you are taking synthetic T4 replacement and you continue to feel lethargic and uninspired, your next visits to the doctor’s will likely result in a prescription for an anti-depressant. You are not get the same results from synthetic hormone replacement to improve your energy or your outlook, but try and convince your doctor of that. He/She will tell you that you are already being treated for hypothyroidism and you must be depressed. You have felt great joy in your life and you may know what good health should be but you’re met with the same dismissive attitude and bewilderment.


You’re not so sure that you are suffering low thyroid or just tired from your attempts to get the proper care.  Now you are on statin drugs, an anti-depressant and synthetic thyroid drugs and likely a high blood pressure pill or diuretic. If you are on a diuretic you are probably also suffering legs cramps because diuretics or water pills are notorious for depleting vital minerals from the body. Part of the symptoms of low thyroid is water retention. That is because part of the function of the thyroid gland is to regulate water in the body. High blood pressure is largely treated with a diuretic with the expected result of getting rid of edema and lowering your blood pressure. If your problem includes water retention or edema, please carry on to the sensible approach below and look at your options for dealing with this very annoying problem. Individuals suffering from water retention generally feel sluggish; have swollen hands and feet and ankles, along with puffiness around the eyes or face. Swollen hands and feet in the a.m. and/or p.m. are the usually give away.  Do not take matters into your own hands by reducing your Pharmaceuticals but do take matters into your own hands by working with a knowledgeable, trusted Professional as well.  Gain knowledge, that is what this is about and what I am saying.




1. Again you need to switch your Thyroid Replacement to either Natural Desiccated Thyroid with T4/T3 combination or to Desiccated Thyroid Glandulars nutraceuticals.  NutriMeds manufactures and sells all natural, alternative thyroid and adrenal gland supplements


If you feel you have done your due diligence, bring the information to your Physician.  Ask them to assist in your path, your right to better health.


In the a.m., upon rising, take 2 Plant Enzymes and four thyroid capsules or 2 if you have decided to divide your dose.  Avoid eating for about fifteen minutes which allows the glandulars to digest uninterrupted and promote better absorption.


If you have high cholesterol, read the information on regarding other options for addressing this issue and whether this issue is a problem in isolation.


If you are lethargic, look into an excellent alternative anti-depressant called SAMe. Source Naturals is a very high quality company where you can access SAMe. Go to their website and search for a store near you or purchase online. Take one 400 mgs. a day in the morning. Follow the directions on the package. It is excellent. Mood elevation can be noticed sometimes within a week to ten days.


If you have joint pain, first go to a hypo-allergenic diet which largely cuts out all processed foods and especially wheat and processed grains. Go to my website and follow the link to the IBS page and follow that approach to eating. It will correct the gas, bloating and contribution that bad eating habits contribute to your joint pain and fatigue.  Remember a good source of probiotics is also very important.  Probiotics play integral roles in Immunity on many levels.  Innovative and caring Companies Source Naturals with DuraFlora or Life Extension Foundation or Natren are three Companies you can trust.


Feed your body properly.  That is your responsibility, not your option.  That starts in the a.m.  All information you need is on my website and other esteemed Websites designed to assist you in your return to good health.  Understand the concept of gaining control of cravings and starting the path to healthy eating. You do not have to avoid ‘fun’ eating, deserts, the odd splurge but you have to feed yourself properly. When you can put water and sugar in the car and drive it, then you can put unhealthy fats, processed foods and sugar in your body and expect to enjoy good health. Craving control starts in the morning. You will take the time to prepare simple and fabulous, easily digested foods in the morning and you will begin to reap the benefits of your efforts in the days to follow.  Then you stay on that path.  It’s an 85% awesome to 15% not so awesome for most people.


Your body runs on a complicated series of nutrient molecules. The next time you hear anyone, including professionals, say that your nutritional intake has nothing to do with your health and you believe them, don’t blame them for such a ridiculous comment and feeling awesome, blame yourself for looking for an excuse and justification not to change what you know is wrong. It is that simple. Believing a lie about feeding your body properly is not subject to interpretation or manipulation.



1. Life Extension Foundation @ is a most caring, professional and high quality provider of knowledge and Nutraceuticals.  They are a remarkable company determined to protect your right to access nutraceuticals that are high quality. They are dedicated to protecting your right to access knowledge. Support them.


2. Source Naturals @ is another innovative and high quality Company.  They have excellent plant based enzymes called Essential Enzymes. Also use their Pancreatic Enzymes. They have an excellent SAMe. They also have a very good multivitamin in capsule form, always choose capsules over tablets.


If you are a Health Professional go to and ask for Richard Bartellotta and tell him Joanne sent you and says Hi.  He’s amazing, a consummate Professional and all in to assist.


3. You need a green food. ProGreens is excellent. If you’re not big on the look of Super green powder mix, choose their ProGreen capsules.  Follow directions.  General daily suggested dose is 12 per day. Start slower with 3 – 4.  Add 2 additional after 2 weeks and so on until you are up to 12.


4. You need a good Probiotic:


Source Naturals – Duraflora is one of the best.  It has been specifically developed to migrate the ph of the stomache ensuring a high population and density along the intended destination of the intestinal  wall.  Start with 2 in the am and 2 at bed or 3 -4 at bedtime.  Try to take your probiotics 15 – 20 minutes before eating to allow for easy transit as well minimizing the presence of HCI


Eat yogurt.  It won’t be as concentrated as DuraFlora or Natren’s Healthy Trinity or other quality Probiotic supplements but it is on the top 5 Super food list.  Yogurt offers to much more than probiotics.  Do your due diligence and research the health benefits.  Choose organic, plain yogurt.  Make your own fruit bottom or how ever you wish to make it just a bit more special.


5. You need healthy fats and oils:  Hemp hearts, Chia Seeds and deep sea fish are excellent sources.  Check my page on EFA: Do you need an Oil Change


6. You need high quality protein. Yogurt, organic meat, poultry, eggs and diary are excellent sources.


7. If you have issues with water retention, Source Naturals has an excellent diuretic called Uvi Ursi Diuretic. It is a combination of herbs intended to nourish the urinary tract and kidneys while also regulating excess water in the body.  It is rich with minerals and herbs to build the urinary tract rather than deplete precious vitamins and minerals from the body.


8. If Weight loss is a problem for you, go to my web page on Gaining Control: Healthy Weight Loss. There is enough information on that page to get you in the correct direction. If not, purchase the eBook I have written for a detailed approach. It is written in accordance with the Laws of Nature and natural physiology of your body. Easily followed and void of silly faddish approaches.  You will have the knowledge to lose weight and keep it off. You will also have the knowledge you need to get back on the ‘wagon’, if you stray.  That is the key to weight control. How often have you or someone you know lost weight only to regain it plus.. plus.. plus.. simply because they have used a ‘fad’ diet and have no tools for ongoing weight control.  This approach will start your journey back to health.


Read the recommended books. Go to the recommended websites. Follow the above directions. Do not take NO for an answer. Demand proper care and take action to ensure you are getting proper care by following the steps that will get you on that path.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to email.  I will answer your concerns.

Please act with wisdom. Do not simply stop your pharmaceuticals. That is neither wise or helpful. Start with the proper nutrition. If you under a Physician’s care, expect to be given the proper thyroid hormone replacement and that is Natural Desiccated Thyroid. If you Physician does not know how to work with it, ask him to become knowledgeable. That is not an unreasonable request. Bring them the books, if you must. If you are not under a Physician’s care and believe you would like to work with the Glandulars, go to  You can order them online and request assistance from the very knowledgeable Professionals there.


Remember that health starts from nutrient dense foods and that means from Diet Up.
Built a strong body. You have a life to enjoy. Enjoy the ride so drive through life in your Ferarri, not your Grandparent’s Model ‘T’

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