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Everyday is a new start?  Well here is where it is applied literally.  On a mission to regain or rebuilt control and good health?  It all starts in the a.m. with balancing your blood sugar by the food choices you make.


Really, get over the notion or idea or belief that you have some outward control of your metabolic or physiological workings.  Who ever or however you got that thought, you just could not be more wrong.  The Human Body was calculated and configured long before you showed up, don’t buy into this ridiculous idea of Will Power that you can somehow override your Brain and functionality like the Ctrl/F5 refresh button on your keyboard … Really?


Start in the a.m.  I get it – you want control and don’t want to over eat – Likely what you mean is you do not want to over eat at one sitting – SO DON’T – but you still have to consume a sequential balance that will start the process of balancing your blood sugar in the a.m.;  start the process of repopulating the intestinal flora through your Intestinal Tract and re balance the yeast/healthy flora count, which plays a huge role in craving control, rebuilding and regain your health and vitality.


To balance your blood sugar in the a.m., it’s a healthy protein, fruit and a carbohydrate.  Can be a small portion, can be a smoothie, oatmeal, granola, frittata.  Here are options or go to Nutrition 101 for more ideas.


If you enjoy yogurt or other what are called, predigested or fermented diary,  cottage cheese, kefir, goat yogurt then we are off to a great start.  1 – 2 pieces of fresh fruit, yogurt or other fermented dairy and a healthy carbohydrate – oatmeal, granola, organic cereal, rye or sourdough bread or whole wheat or organic white.  If you prefer a taste bit more sweet, then consider the organic or natural sweeteners, just be conservative.


So, if you enjoy yogurt or cottage cheese, kefir and other such products with good sources of Probiotics, then we are off to a great start of repopulating the balance of flora.  I also recommend a daily Supplemental Probiotic.  Listen I’m looking to find foods you enjoy.  Do not eat what you do not enjoy.  Do not substitute what will make you go ugggg.  Your tastes will change as we go along but for right now we find proper food choices.

Yogurt or options

fresh pineapple

fresh or frozen berries

1/2 – 1 tsp organic cane sugar

1/2 – 1 tsp maple syrup

MAKE SURE it is a whole sugar source, not brown sugar but perhaps demarera sugar – NOT White Sugar but organic cane sugar – NOT Sugar Substitutes EVER – whole, sugars.  I’m not a big fan of honey in this particular scenario.  I mean if you are making a Vinaigrette perhaps but here the sugar sources I’ve mentioned have actual nutrients as well.  Listen we’re working to find a route for you so if it’s a sugar source but it is not just a simple sugar as in honey.


So start with a Probiotic source plus healthy protein and healthy fats


If you go to my page on Nutrition 101 you will or should find lots of breakfast ideas and you can calculate amount from there.  If you have some ideas you want to add, for sure let’s hear them

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