Having Fun


Good Fun is amazingly healthy for everyone: Individuals, Couples and Families


Individually and collectively, I believe we are here to have fun.


Laughter, passion, anticipation, thoughtfulness, engaging in work that is rewarding and fun, is good for the immune system


It keeps healthy neurotransmitters circulating in our brain. It is embracing and rewarding.


Having fun makes conflict seem so much less significant

Taking care of each others and our own sense of joy and wonderment creates as much safety in our relationships as working to develop understanding and cushioning the discomfort of dealing with difficulties.


Want to see that smile on your own face or your partner’s or your friend’s face…?


That is a sincere expression of ‘I love you’ and ‘I want you to be happy’.


Having fun is a moment of personal joy and moment of shared joy.


It is the wonderful act of giving and receiving.


If you take away just two things from all of what I have said and conveyed in my website, it is this:


Be a Giver and Be a Receiver – Be on both teams


Look to create moments of fun for yourself; the people you love and the people you meet each day.


Enjoy some time to brain storm a list of fun moments. Leave no moment out.
Start with simple pleasures or big pleasures, which ever hit you first.


Enjoy the Journey


• Enjoy making a list of passions you love to share or would love to share with your partner.
• Big and small a like. Anything that brings passion to your heart.
• Share that list with your significant or passionate friend… That is a fun place to start.


When I considered how I wanted to approach this area, at first I just brain stormed.


Then I thought about how I wanted to organize it. I thought about the variety
of avenues, for example having fun in sports, having fun outdoor, inexpensive ways,
expensive way.


I’ve tried not to leave any stone unturned. I’ve added simple joys, things that
are exciting about work, about learning, on and on


As with everything in my website, if you have any feedback, I invite it with open arms


Wonder Down……


Waking early

Enjoying the peace

Close your eyes and take a nice deep breath of the freshness of the morning air

Fresh perked coffee. Buying exotic blends and trying new ones when the urge hits you

Go for an early morning walk

Work on the computer. I love the early a.m. for that opportunity to learn and work on my website.

Work in your chosen field of personal joy. I love my career choice.

I love Human Health and that is my heart’s desire.

Let’s Continue……


Take a Breath of Fresh Air
Roller Blading
Watching a Movie
Learning a new Craft
Learning a new Skill
Play Frisbee
Join a Club
Join a Board of Directors of an activity you love
Get a Pet … Love her/him with all your heart…. Give them a wonderful life with you
Bring pet food to your local Humane Society
Volunteer at something you love
Plan a holiday
Go Golfing or Learn to Golf so you can Go Golfing


More Sports Time ….

Play Tennis or see above
Play hockey or learn to play hockey
Go Roller Blading … Find a quiet pathway or enjoy one of your community pathways and feel that wonderful spring or summer or autumn air as you glide past the pansies


More Leisurely Activities…


Search for a new wine and have a glass
Share a glass of wine with a friend or with someone you would like to be your friend or with your

Intimate Friend
Share an exotic new found Beer with a friend …. Be responsible in all your indulgences!
Recreate a moment of fun from your childhood
Bring a Gift to someone
If you are enjoying a wonderful, intimate relationship with the person you love
Bring a gift to yourself

Bake something nice for your neighbour
Visit a relative/friend …. Bring a picnic
Send yourself a love letter
Send someone you love a love letter
Send flowers to yourself
Send flowers to someone you love


Friendly Fun….

Pay for someone’s coffee behind you at the Drive-Thru
Get a hair cut – go for a new look
Go for a drive
Pack a picnic …
Don’t plan your route…. go exploring…. watch for wildlife


Go Bowling …. I Love Bowling


My Favourite Nephew Story …
I have wonderful, fun memories of bringing my Nephew bowling for years when he was a kid. I’d pick him after school and off we would head to the Bowling Aisle and Arcade. We’d bowl three games and hit the arcade. We had a ball. We ate popcorn and bowled to our heart’s content. I showed no mercy…(kidding). I whopped him and today I remind him of my prowess and expertise. Today, he is 25 and he reminds me, he was only 7. Kids, any excuse will do.


Go skating

Play Squash or learn to play squash
Cross – country skiing


Go downhill skiing/in the moonlight/with a torch


Go cross country skiing by the light of the full moon. Have done that more than once. Bring a head lamp and prepare to be filled with the magic of the night under the full moon with your most precious partner and/or friends
Go to the movies…look for comedies and have a good belly laugh


Apologize to someone you love, if you have hurt them, intentionally or unintentionally…. the act of understanding will lighten the air.


Free Fun…
Have a good belly laugh
Have a good belly laugh whether you feel like it or not. Life is created, in part, by our decisions on how to respond

Ponder moments of fun in your life
Garden…. Learn to garden

Grow a plant indoors and call it gardening

Play free web games but watch the time, some really are fun
Go Fishing

Check these out ….

Plan a trip
Find a Partner
Take dance lessons
Read a cook book
Take cooking classes
Plan a simple or elaborate meal… however you feel Make it for yourself…what ever you would love to eat
Check out garage sales
Go to the nearest water slide park
Go to a Fashion Show
Listen to music


Call a friend and tell them they are appreciated

Call your Intimate Friend and tell you appreciate them and you Love them


Do you have something you would like to say or add…?

Just send me a line through my Contact Page and I will happily post it on the appropriate page.
I know each of us has a love and devotion for our fellow human being and I love to hear your helpful and tasteful input

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