Relationships: Communication with a Cause

Your definitive guide to Healthy Relationships                           


               Healthy Relationships  

As a trained Marriage/Family/Individual Counselor, this is an area that is very dear and important to me.


I have had the unique privilege to be invited into the hearts and minds of many wonderful people.


People, just like yourself, who find themselves aspiring to enjoy their like, their partner, their children.  While they have success, they also know the challenges and frustrations.


I have known very few people who do not have a genuine desire for their own happiness and the happiness of the people closest to them.


I have shared in the joy of triumph and witnessed the struggles that these courageous people have faced.
I have known many who have taken that one step to say –


“My success and your success in this life are making our first priority cherishing each other, playing and having fun together and finding the courage to choose healthy, effective ways to resolve our differences.”



One thing is made clear to each and every person:


Making changes or choosing different behaviours and skills are all issues under the big heading:

Corrections – not Judgments or Accusations


  • It is not about who is right or wrong.
  • It is not about who is to blame or who needs to change the most.
  • It isn’t who wins or loses, appeasements, manipulation, negotiating for behaviour changes.


When conflict arises and the current methods of dealing with it are not effective, make Corrections to your approach.


Choose more EFFECTIVE and in fact EASIER ways to meeting each others needs.


Whether you are just getting involved in a relationship, early into a relationship, have been together for 5 years, 15 years, 30 years, start to engage in one of the most worthwhile adventures, proper conflict resolution and having fun together.


How this e-Book will help:


  • Healthy, loving relationships is an issue very dear to my heart
  • No matter if your loved one is a friend, significant other, spouse, co-worker, child or parent, I want you to be skilled in the art of dealing with conflict quickly, effectively, once and for all.
  •  No more win-lose power struggles, appeasements, manipulation, ineffective and unhealthy negotiating of behaviour management.
  • Learn the needs of the human condition for having fun, giving and taking and for healthy conflict resolution.
  • While you both contributed to the mistakes of the past, you will both contribute to your success, as a couple, in the future
  • Watch how individual challenges seem so much less daunting and people seem so much friendlier. Enjoy it all, the good, the not so great and the darn right challenging but most of all the love, the opportunity to express love and appreciation and:
  • The joy of watching someone grow and shine because of your influence.


In our primary relationships, two things are very important:


  • Handling conflict effectively and efficiently
  • Having fun together


Effective communication, truly being able to discuss issues calmly, understanding each other’s needs without the dreadful concern of your conversation breaking down into a battle of wills and demands, wouldn’t it be pleasurable…? Included are common errors and easy corrections to those pitfalls that stand in the way of fully enjoying your passionate relationship.


A comprehensive and complete list of everyday emotions.

  • Designed to take out the guess work.
  • Designed to take out the intimidating sense of accuracy we all feel when we are sincerely trying to express ourselves.
  • Designed to replace guess work with clarity when you are trying to actively listen and accurately respond


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