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Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be really confusing and really frustrating. The key to unraveling the mystery of food choices and overcoming cravings can be quite spectacular.


Remember a few key things:


1. What you think you may be sensitive to may not be the key to healing. When your digestive system, small intestinal tract, is compromised it really means you are likely suffering generalized mal absorption. A hypoallergenic diet approach is sometimes required to allow healing to start. A hypoallergenic diet is rich with fermented dairy like yogurt, cottage cheese, kefir, etc. It is rich with easily absorbed foods like soups in homemade soup broths. You can purchase organic soup broths and of course they are convenient. Do one thing make sure you add lots of vegetables to your soup broth. When you do have the time to make your first batch of homemade soup broth from the recipe provided, you will likely not go back or you’ll go back with less frequency.

2. Really focus on building up your healthy intestinal flora. Healthy intestinal flora is one of your first lines of defense against a myriad of health issues. Yeast overgrowth is just almost epidemic in our Society. They symptoms are broad and impacting. Your diet should be the first source of health intestinal flora coupled with high quality supplements. Dura flora by Source Naturals is excellent. Look for high flora count along with a variety of healthy bacteria.

3. If you are suffering cravings then use whole natural organic sugar sources like demarara, black strap molasses, coconut based deserts and dark chocolate to help you through. Your cravings will subside when your intestinal flora balance changes and you control your goal of craving control in the a.m.

4. Fresh juicing is also a brilliant way to add very important, easily absorbed nutrients and live enzymes to your healing protocol. Vegetable juicing rather than fruits juicing though. Want a bit sweeter, then add quarter to half an apple or pear. Delicious invigorating and nutrient dense.


Stay committed – Shop the outer aisles of the Grocery Store

Do some fresh juicing – vegetable fresh

Back to basics – Chew your food for goodness sake!
Remember this:    healthy food 1


Nothing you put in your mouth is neutral. Everything you put in mouth is destined for digestion and absorption – that is the good … not so good … and foods that cause issues


Chose health, healing and energy

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